Three years ago today, one of our own, Gary Speed tragically lost his battle with depression.

Gary’s sister Lesley said: “If someone had asked me (at the time) if I thought that my brother was depressed I’d have said no, absolutely not. He hid it from us, because people who are suffering from depression are not only fighting the illness but they are fighting the stigma that goes with it”

Feeling down? Can’t “pull yourself together”? Can’t, or don’t want to talk to anyone?

Well, you’re here because you can anonymously read/talk about Everton on GrandOldTeam.

Don’t forget – if you feel like it, there’s a self-help thread pinned at the top of our Everton forum, which allows for discussion and help between fellow Blues on depression related issues. You don’t even have to post, just read. It’s helped loads of Blues who was/are finding life tough, it might help you.

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