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“The support doesn’t stop amazing me day to day – it is incredible”

Roberto Martinez has spoke of the “incredible” level of support his side enjoyed in Lille.

Martinez: “The first thing I feel is immense pride and an incredible feeling of seeing what we are as a football club.

“The support doesn’t stop amazing me day to day – it is incredible.

“I have seen full families coming across, some without tickets just wanting to be near the hotel and wish the players well.

“It really meant something for thousands of them, and you keep getting closer to understanding what the Evertonians deserve.

“I would say this will be an incredible memory and that we will be talking about this trip for a long time.

“It gives even more strength to everyone at the club to keep fighting, making sure Everton can carry on progressing and keep having nights like this and success.

“The support we have is quite unique around Europe.”

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