Voice In The Crowd – Andrew Collins

Hi folks and welcome to Voice In The Crowd. This week, I spoke to top blue Andrew Collins….

So, when was your first match?

Everton v Man City 1995. I think we won 2-1.

Who’s the best player you’ve seen play for us?

Probably Ross Barkley. Always excited to see him play and sure he will get better as he gets older. He got flair and runs at people like I have never seen any player at Everton do in my lifetime. Can see him being one of the best midfielders in the world in a few years.

And who’s the best non-Everton player you’ve seen?

To play against Everton, Ronaldo. Got everything you could think of to put into the perfect footballer. Remember going to Man U away a few years ago and he was awesome.

How do think we’ll fare in Europe this season?

I would say we are sure to get out the group but after that I think it depends on two things. Firstly injuries, with a fairly thin squad and Stones added to our list of big players out we are going to begin to struggle to put a team on the pitch with the quality that can get us to where we finished last season which in turn means either the Premier League or Europe will have to take priority. Secondly, if it’s looking as though a European place in the league is not likely by the later stages of the season Martinez may choose to put all our resources into Europe.

What do you make of the proposed new stadium in Walton Hall Park?

I really hope it happens. We all love Goodison but it’s time for a new stadium. With this proposed new stadium being just down the road from Goodison it will still feel like our Everton (if that makes sense) unlike I think it would had the Kirkby move held up. I just hope the designers of the stadium can find a way to keep some of the character of Goodison.

And give us your summary of the season so far.

In my opinion some of the fans have been far too critical so far. Remembering we have played three of last seasons top four, a promoted side away on the first day and a brand new and very expensive Man U side and not once looked inferior in any way. Ok against Palace we should not have lost but having outplayed them for the majority of the game it just has to be put down as one of those things that happen in football. I have no doubt Roberto will get the most out of the players at his disposal and once we get some momentum we will start climbing the table again. For the first time in my lifetime last season Everton were an exciting team, let’s not forget that before we start getting on Roberto Martinez’s back and get behind him.

Ok folks, thanks for reading, there’ll be more voices in the crowd soon…..

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