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Hello and welcome to another Voice In The Crowd. This week it’s derby week, that match we all love and hate at the same time. I asked Evertonian Ian Richardson some of his views on the forthcoming game, and the general feeling of things at the moment.

So, the derby, any random thoughts?

Yes, I actually think we can win. While it feels a bit like a must-win game, I reckon there’s a bit less pressure on the team, mainly because no-one ever expects us to beat Liverpool. If they’re not expected to do a job, they may relax a bit and win it.

A fair point, what’s your thoughts on the two most recent matches?

Very disappointing – I sounded just like Walter Smith then! While Sunday against Crystal Palace was disappointing, I’m not reading too much into the Swansea result, as it was half a side – two players returning from injury and not yet match fit, some kids and the third game in six days makes me not take that result at face value. We’ve just beaten Wolfsburg 4-1, that’s not the hallmark of a bad side. Although the defence needs a lot of work. On Tuesday it was good to see Bryan Oviedo return.

I’d agree, certainly in part. Do you just think we’ve hit a spot of bad form?

Yes, quite simply!

So how do you envisage the derby working out?

I think both sides are quite similar at the moment – neither can defend well at present but both are excellent at going forward. I think we require a little more urgency and speed about our build up play.

Can I ask for a predicted scoreline?

Ha, no, I’d jinx it, but I will say I’m confident it won’t be 0-0!

There we go folks, if you’d like to be the next Voice In The Crowd, keep an eye out for me around and about the ground.

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