It’s stressful, moving house….

Well well well, we might be getting a new stadium then. Might, being the operative word there, as it’s very early days in this story. There’ll be planning, there’ll be protests, there’ll be arguing over potential stadium designs. But if it actually comes off, there’ll be a whole lot more of something else – sadness.

I say sadness, because for me, it’ll be an almighty wrench to leave Goodison Park, our home for 122 years and counting. Yes, it’s old, and no, it’s not even our original stadium but I’m dead sure I speak for us all when I say that the memories the place holds are astoundingly special.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand the need for a new stadium, and it’s not as if we’ve never moved before (can’t think who we sold the old gaff to), but even the most cold hearted blue will shed a tear if and when we play our final game at Goodison.

And Walton Hall Park – yes, I’m usually against building on green space, and I am also an L4 native so I am very protective of the Walton area, and have many memories of the park, however the stronger, more overriding feeling I have is that Everton need this. I understand some people will be against the building of a stadium on the park, and indeed I see their point, but Walton is a richer place with the mighty blues, and I’m glad Everton plan to stay not only in the city boundary, but also in Walton.

Back to the old lady, I actually think I’m already a little upset at even the prospect of leaving, and when I think of the things I’ve witnessed there: Neville Southall and the team of the mid-1980’s in their prime, the 1995 FA Cup run, the absolute mental torture of Wimbledon and Coventry. The emergence of Wayne Rooney, the return of Duncan Ferguson, the 2004/05 campaign, and Villareal. I, as I’m sure we all could, could go on all night like this.

The team is the most important thing though, and we shall all follow our beloved blues to our new home, because that’s what Everton’s ground is – our home. It’s ours just as much, if not more than the team’s, and we will continue to make memories over at the new place. Perhaps the saddest thing will be seeing whatever becomes of Goodison Park should this all happen – will the spot where Dixie Dean created history simply become the fruit and veg aisle of a supermarket?

Hey, even if it did, we’d still be watching Everton just a stone’s throw away, because we’ll all follow our team anywhere, just like those before us in 1892.

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