Voice in the Crowd: Mikey Fitzgerald

Every match day, I’ll be out and about in L4 looking for Evertonians to voice their opinions on our club. First up this season, Mikey Fitzgerald, who I spoke to following the draw with Arsenal…

How did you become an Evertonian?

You know what? I think it’s because I just like being contrarion sometimes. I grew up in Stockport, so I spent my youth surrounded by Man City and Man United fans and the odd Stockport County fan. Part of me thinks that I subconsciously went for Everton just to be my own man. I was the only Evertonian in my school, and I went to a bloody big school. Everton has just always felt right. Maybe its because Everton is one of those rare clubs where you can always expect them to win but still find reasons to be hard done by when they don’t? As long as I can remember, Everton have been fighting from underneath and been unfashionable to the mainstream. Maybe I associate the struggles the club has had with my own ones that I’ve encountered in life? Maybe that’s how most of us Generation Y/Z Evertonians feel? We didn’t grow up with the success, so the way we see the story of the club more as a tale of standing against adversity, as opposed to the story of a big successful club that you support because they are truly the best?

Or maybe it’s just the boss Royal Blue shirts? Who knows. All I do know is that I love Everton. To truly find out why would spoil the magic I think.

First match memories?

Being a terrible Wool, my early Everton memories are all from watching them on the telly. The first match I truly remember was the match against Wimbledon on the last day of the 93/94 season. I can’t describe the feeling I had watching so many people stream onto the Goodison turf, their faces creased with relief, defiance and pure ecstasy. That’s Everton that though. Some might say it’s small time to celebrate like that just for avoiding relegation, but that’s not ultimately why everyone was celebrating. They were celebrating because Everton had stood up to be counted and had come out of it the other side. Barry Horne’s goal is sex on a plate as well.

What’s the best Everton XI you’ve seen with your own eyes?

Probably this one right now actually. I loved The Dogs of War, but this side is probably man for man the more skilled side.

Who’s the greatest Everton individual player you’ve seen?
Andrei Kanchelskis. Simply sublime. Ross Barkley runs him close though.

Which player from history would you most like to have seen?
I would have really liked to have seen Harry Catterick’s title winning team of 69-70 in person, Alan Ball especially.

What are your hopes for the season?
Winning a cup and finishing in the top half of the table would suit me just fine. I also hope to make it to at least one Away Game in Europe.

Around Goodison on a match day? You could be the next voice in the crowd.

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