An American’s Introductory Guide to Supporting Everton

So I’ve decided to start compiling a list of useful information for all of my new American brothers and sisters to read through after realizing they are Evertonians. If there are any other Evertonians that would like to add to this list feel free, I just wanted to start something to make it easier for all the newbies that will be flocking in over the years once they realize how boss this team is.

1) While you are probably in shock just now at realizing that after however many years of being on this earth that your nose actually has taken a distinctly blue hue, the blood that courses through your veins now shares the same color as the water that flows through the Mersey, and that you are finally supporting the greatest team in the world – Everton, don’t worry this is nothing new, you were born this way. Sometimes it just takes longer for these traits to show themselves in some people than others.

2) Everton is the original team from Liverpool, don’t let the name fool you – Liverpool FC were founded years later (and actually tried at first to be called Everton Athletic and wear blue).

3) Everton have a long connection to the USA through Joe-Max Moore, Brian McBride, Landon Donovan, and most notably Tim Howard.

4) Important Note: The song that Everton comes out to before every home match is pronounced “Zed-Cars”, not Z-Cars. Just one of the unique differences in English-English and American-English.

5) Don’t let your friends who have chosen the easy route of “supporting” the teams with billionaire owners ride you for not being able to spend a ton of money on transfers and taking in player loans. People who use this line of logic are usually just upset that a team that spends £2.71 million on average per player (compared with Man City’s £16.15 million, Chelsea’s £15.63 million, Man U’s £12.04 million, Tottenham’s £7.74 million, Arsenal’s £7.25 million, and Liverpool’s £6.36 million) is always competing with, and often beating them.

6) Dixie Dean was a god among mere men, and he holds the record for most goals in a season (60 in one season).

7) Everton’s youth academy has produced more English talent to play in the Premiership than any other team, and Everton is often called the “School of Science” in reference to the strong history of producing great talents.

8) If you are watching a match where Everton are the away side, the noise you hear from the crowd isn’t from the home supporters it’s from Everton – Everton have the loudest away support in the league and the 3,000 odd Everton supporters can make more noise than 30,000-60,000 home supporters.

9) Ross Barkley is going to be one of the world’s greatest players in a few years’ time.

10) Make sure to sign up to follow EvertonUSA’s Twitter and Facebook, they can help point you in the direction of the local supporters clubs who get together to watch the matches in bars and pubs across the country.

11) If you get the chance, listen to Roberto Martinez’s weekly pre-match interview on YouTube, the man oozes class and has forgotten more about the game than most can ever hope to learn.

12) Sylvester Stallone, aka Rocky Balboa the Italian Stallion, is a Blue.

13) Goodison Park, originally built in 1892, is the oldest stadium in the Premiership.

14) Everton have spent 110 seasons in the top flight of professional football, more than any other team in England with Aston Villa coming in second at 102 seasons.

15) The tower in the crest, known as the Everton Lock-up or Prince Rupert’s Tower, was originally used as an overnight lock-up for drunks.

16) The nickname “Toffees” is used in homage to a local toffee shop and to this day you can see a girl dressed up in late 1800’s clothing passing out the sweets in the stadium.

17) Seriously though, Roberto Martinez.

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