The shirt off our backs…

It’s tough going making everyone happy in football, and this was never more evident than when the announcement of a new crest at Everton F.C. was made last year.

The design was met with overwhelming disapproval and to the clubs credit they let the people speak their minds and change it.

However, contrast that with the announcement of a new kit deal with Umbro and there seemed to be a huge majority of people that were extremely happy with the decision. Kits are extremely important to a club. The mere sight of the Le Coq Sportif 1985 or Umbro 1995 home kits would give any Toffee old enough to know what they represent goose bumps.

There’s a grass roots feeling off of Umbro. It’s a brand that has a hearty, no pomp feel to it. Perhaps that’s why Evertonians are excited at the prospect of another iconic kit, to match the iconic team that Martinez is building.

Here are a few of the best and weirdest jerseys Umbro have produced with Everton.

1995-96 Away

Following on from the legendary FA Cup win of 1995, Everton under the management of Joe Royle had a credible enough season. They finished 6th place in the league and enjoyed a plethora of goals from Andrei Kanchelskis.

Another memorable part of that season was their away kit, which epitomised the 90s.

Crazy designs were popular at the time, but not many got it as right as this!

2004-05 Home

Simple design yes. Not the most innovative of concepts. But the memories attached to this kit will never be forgotten.

Everton fans will talk of 2004/05 as the best season in recent memory. Gaining 4th place ahead of our lesser Merseyside half’s was a feeling no fan will forget in a hurry.

With the team now on the cusp of a similar feat, who knows how lucky our next kit will be?

Every Umbro goalkeeper kit from the 80s & 90s

The phrase so bad it’s good springs to mind.

Neville Southall was at his prime in an era where goalkeeper kits were of the brightest colours and weirdest patterns. Picking just one from his wardrobe was nearly impossible. But this wonderfully ridiculous green kit takes the biscuit.

I know one American who’ll be happy to know that Umbro have gotten much classier with their keeper jerseys since then…

FA Cup 1994-95

No iconic kit by Umbro lingers more in the mind than the FA Cup winning strip of the 1994-95 season.

The game saw a man of the match performance from Dave Watson, a man of the century second half performance from Neville Southall and a headed goal from Paul Rideout. That game made legends out of mortals, and made a simple collared kit unforgettable.


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