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The media are doing their best to sell off our best players and ignore the fact that we are doing quite well this season under a bright new manager, when they all expected us to be as bad as West Ham.

David Humphreys has had enough of this and is off on a rant.

In the last few days, if our national media is to be believed, we’re letting Baines, Barkley and Coleman all go to United.
All our best players are on loan and we’re not in contention fourth place.

Frankly, I’m sick of this.

The national papers, TV channels and radio stations themselves have all recently smashed the myth that our “plucky little Everton” tag, was more a product of our former manager, than the club and our players.

They have also lauded our attractive playing style and praised Roberto Martinez for his effect on the club.

So why, oh why, do they insist on doing their best to sell our players for us and ignore our lofty position in the table?

I’m no Liverpool fan of course, I’m not stupid enough to think that there’s a media agenda against us and the nationals want to see us fail.

They’re so blind they ignore the fact Sky Sports is basically the Liverpool Former Players Foundation.

I’m a newspaper reporter by day (crime fighter by night) and I know for a fact that the good journalists don’t write stories unless we have all the facts, from every source and have a balanced response from either side.

However, on 5Live’s Monday Night Club, Ian McGarry decided that Leighton Baines is going to Manchester United if not now, but in the summer.

McGarry also had the intelligence to point out that our best players are our loan stars, Romelu Lukaku and Gareth Barry.
Adrian Durham, someone who does like the sound of his own voice admittedly, has already signed the paperwork on Seamus Coleman’s switch to Old Trafford. I think he’s also getting a cut of Ross Barkley’s move down the M62 as well.

Durham’s colleague, Alvin Martin, said the Manchester outfit are better placed to qualify for the Champions League than we are, despite them sitting below us in the league.

Of course, there was the well-received BT Sport discussion when we were ignored in the race for fourth spot, yet Liverpool, Spurs and United were widely regarded as challengers.

Well, I’m sorry Messrs McGarry, Durham, Martin and the whole BT Sport mob but I’ve got a dose of reality for you.

Leighton is going nowhere, he’s 29 and no team are going to pay the fee we’d want for a player of his calibre.

Ross Barkley to United? Yeah, okay lads.

Seamus Coleman is the best right back in Europe, we’re never going to sell.

On that topic, Coleman, McCarthy, Jagielka, Distin and Oviedo were all paid for with cash by Everton Football Club for long term permanent transfers.

Ross Barkley was a product of our academy system. Bit of a hole in your system there, lads.

We’re right up there in the fight for fourth and you’ll be damned if we don’t stay there, so you’d better take notice, Mr Martin.
I’m not even going to comment on BT Sport, it was that ridiculous.

I’m convinced that if we won the league tomorrow, we wouldn’t get the credit we deserve, so this latest batch of ignorance from the national media doesn’t surprise me.

Let’s just keep upsetting the Sky Four and keep getting up their noses; we seem to be good at that so far. Even if they haven’t noticed.

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