Mirallas On Suarez

Kevin Mirallas has admitted to having an “oh s**t” moment, in the immediate aftermath of his ´tackle´ on Liverpool´s Luis Suarez.

Mirallas also rejected suggestions his tackle was revenge for Suarez´ stamp on him last season, although Mirallas did admit to reminding Suarez of the incident.

Mirallas: “Sometimes when you put a tackle in you think ‘oh s**t’, – like this one,” he admitted.

“When I made the challenge the first thing I thought was that it was going to be a red card. I was genuinely going for the ball but I know I caught him on the knee and I said sorry straight away.

“I might have been okay because it was the derby, because in those matches there is always a lot of contact, a lot of tackles going in. There is a lot of pressure on the players and the fans in these sort of games.”

“I had said to Suarez soon after the kick off when we were standing close to each other ‘do you remember last season, you kicked me?’”, he explained.

“He laughed and said ‘yes, fair enough’, but that tackle was nothing to do with a year ago. And Suarez played for a long time after that with no problem, with no injury, so he was okay, and I am glad he wasn’t injured.”

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