Derby Memories

With the next fixture following the international break being the Merseyside Derby, I thought I´d share my top three experiences.

2000 – The Poll Derby

A drab match in a drab spell, finished off by a drab refereeing decision. I can tell you, I was in the family enclosure, on the goal line, that the ball very definitely crossed the line in time and we won. Or we should have done. Graham Poll has since admitted his mistake, but far too late for Don Hutchinson´s buttock/shoulder blade to claim credit for a derby goal and win. Robbed – Clive Thomas all over again.

2004 – The Carsley Derby

Moyes, having given us back our pride, took us down to 17th in the league. The following season, we couldn´t have expected the almighty push for 4th place, which we ultimately achieved. Just ahead of Duncan Ferguson´s header against Manchester United is this beauty of a match, which was probably the most anxious I´ve been at Goodison since the FA Cup quarter final vs Newcastle in 1995. In what was actually quite an average match, Lee Carsley struck in the second half to give us all the longest half an hour of our lives. Well deserved, that one.

2012 – Goodison

To put it bluntly, Suarez did my head in. They fouled, dived, and stood on our players, yet Naismith and Osman struck to pull back a two goal deficit to prove the diving little cheat wrong – we can be a match for them and their cheating ways. I happen to think that Suarez´ diving celebration of his goal only served to galvanise us into a spirited fightback.

Now that Roberto Martinez has confirmed he DID turn down the Liverpool job, I wonder what derby memories he´ll give us? What do you think, and what are your derby memories? Why not join the forum and share with us?

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