Lukaku: Martinez Wants More

Despite his impressive start to the season, Romelu Lukaku has admitted his manager Roberto Martinez wants even more from him which is aiding his development as a footballer.

Lukaku: “I made the decision. I wished them (the Chelsea players) the best of luck after I left. I´m not someone who wishes them the worst just because I am not there. They are still my team-mates.

“People want to see you on the pitch. That was why I left Chelsea. I didn´t want to hear people saying, ´Hey, he´s doing well in training, blah blah blah…´.

“The game is what counts. The billions watching and following the Premier League don´t tune in to see you in training. They want to know what you can do in a match.”

“Roberto wants me to improve on all aspects. He wants me to be more deadly in front of goal, cleverer with my movements, more decisive and wants my first touch to improve. Everything a striker needs to know,” he said.


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