Barkley: Everton the team "I support and love"

Ross Barkley has revealed advice of “stay at the club you support and love” given to him by Liverpool midfielder Steven Gerrard.

Barkley: “He [Gerrard] said the big hitters are going to be looking at me but the main thing for me is to stay with the club I´m at, the team I support and love”

“I was a bit star-struck when I first joined up [with the England squad] but Steven was good to me when I was away. I sat next to him on the coach and he gave me loads of advice”

“He [Gerrard] told me I´m from Liverpool, a local lad playing for the team I support, and there is nothing better. He´s done that throughout his career. He said playing is the main thing, going to another team and not playing would be no good for my development.”

“I have set my sights on the World Cup. It´s a goal for me. It will be hard, but through hard work hopefully I can get on the flight there,”

“He [Hodgson] told me to keep working hard and keep doing what I have been doing since the start of the season. He believes in me. He has high hopes for me. He sees me being able to go to Brazil if I keep progressing as I have done since the start of the season.”


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