A Monday morning cup half full

The below is from the poster Dell Boy on GrandOldTeam forum.

So we´ve got a sexed up manager that´s getting us playing decent football whilst seemingly able to keep hold of that Moyes trait of dogged defence.

In Barkley we´ve got possibly English football´s next big thing. A local lad that´s set to dazzle us with trickery who at the same time will run all day for the cause.

We´ve added two quality midfielders to solve that longstanding problem area of centre mid. Yes we´ve lost Fellaini but it seems unlikely he´d be the same player under Martinez as he was under Moyes anyway.

The board seem to have had a decent transfer window and there should be a bit of cash for the January window if a bit extra is needed at Christmas.

The season seems wide open with Moyes surely likely to struggle at Old Trafford. Old red nose alone was the determining factor in that average squad winning the title last season and there´s no way the festering Rooney situation will not explode again this year. Both City and Chelsea seem disjointed despite spending millions. The managerial changes made by their foreign owners may well come back to haunt them after all.

Whatever people think about Spurs summer signings the loss of Bale will be a huge blow. He was possibly worth an extra 15 to 20 points for them last year.

The Arsenal can flaunt their fancy German signing all they want but all they´ve done is added an admittedly great talented small tricky player to a squad already packed full of small tricky players. Their defence is still ropey. They are missing a top quality striker and Wenger seems more than a little senile to me.

The RS have started well but it is ridiculously early to start thinking Mr Potato Head is anything other than football´s David Brent. Those three victories could easily have gone the other way and like Rooney at Old Trafford I feel sure the Suarez saga will blow up again when the snidey little weapon´s agent gets a sniff of the January transfer window.

Then there´s us. For the first time in years we have a bit of strength in depth and competition for places. We have young players that seem certain to improve in leaps and bounds as the season progresses. Whether it is an Oviedo, Defololous or a Stones these are players with genuine skill and talent. I refuse to give up on Jelavic and am open to ideas that my initial judgement of both Naismith and Kone was wrong.

We have half the England defence and one of Europe´s best right back in Seamus. Add to that Distin the Postman and his mighty schlong and the hope that Johnny will show up again this season as he starts to dream of another World Cup and a bumper contract somewhere.

If Martinez thinks Robby Robles is a goalie worth snapping up after their initial time together then that´s good enough for me. Watching Tim Howard with genuine competition will be a first as well.

Gibson with the luxury of a few scheduled rest breaks can only be better whilst Osman can be used more sparingly in specific roles he can still pull off.

We´ve kept the brilliant Baines and hopefully he´ll sign a new contract soon and we can be safe in the knowledge we´ve got him for the rest of his career.

We´ve got the beast of Lukakakaku to enjoy as he will surely rip a new one for countless centre halves at the same time as the magnificent Mirallas shows them a clean pair of heels.

So we have a great chance this season to kick on under Martinez and actually win something. It´s been too long for a great club like Everton to go without a trophy. We won´t get a better chance to break into that group of genuine challengers and for arguably the first time since Howard we might have a manager that has something special about him.

This is the season we can really give it a go and have a run at the title. Why not eh?

With the new TV deal and its billions and Everton up there at the top of the table playing sexy footy we might also get that new owner we need to sustain our progress.

It´s not just the win against Chelsea that´s led me to this conclusion but a proper step back and ponder.

It´s a new dawn and all that. We are going to win the bloody league here lads. Get the kettle on.

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