Everton Vs Real Madrid 4th August

Wow, what a pre-season this is turning out to be. Beating Juventus, with the prospect of Real Madrid to come, and still Real Betis to look forward to, just seems a little surreal. Good, but strange. I feel, what´s that feeling called? Ah yes – positivity.

Real Madrid need no introduction surely. The worlds´ richest club by far, they´ve won a fair few domestic and European honours.

Dont forget, we´ve already signed players BEFORE the day that the transfer window is due to slam shut (it never closes quietly does it?) and one of them is from Barcelona.

I´m really excited for this game. Yes, it would´ve been nice to see us play against Landon Donovon, but hey, in all honesty, I´d rather play Real Madrid. Wouldn´t you?

Feels a bit weird saying this before a Real Madrid match, but get into them, blues!!!!

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