Poll 99.33 Percent ‘Hate’ New Everton Badge

99.33% of Everton fans polled in our forum ‘Hate’ the new Everton badge.

Following Everton’s “Evolution of Everton’s Crest‘ announcement on Saturday – we gauged overall sentiment by asking our visitors to vote on whether they ‘Liked’ or ‘Hated’ the new Everton crest.

Inside 48 hours, 2831 voted with 19 (0.67%) voting ‘Like’ and 2,812 (99.33%) voting ‘I Hate It – Everton please reinstate the previous crest’

In addition, we asked our 100,000+ Facebook Fan Page to ‘Describe the new badge in ONE word’ – from 1,162 Comments, 96% were negative to the change.

Our poll reaffirms ToffeeWeb’s earlier effort, who ran the poll prior the official announcement, with the badge having been leaked on our forum last month. ToffeeWeb polled 11,320 fans, with results showing 91% either hate (64%) or dislike (27%) the new Everton badge.

Next up is NSNO, who asked their readers “Do you like the new Everton badge?”, 1,767 people voted ‘No’, representing 95% of the vote.

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