Oh Everton

How´s that empty weekend going? My guess is that you´d enjoy it more if it we had a manager and didn´t cartoon our badge, but more of that in a wee bit.

The manager thing is dragging on somewhat but there´s two ways of looking at that – either it being a negative thing as were in a state of limbo or that it´s a positive that were taking our time.

It´s spawned a whole new generation of supposed ITKs, charlatans and downright hoodlums. The bookmakers are loving every minute as there´s been about five even money favourites in the last two weeks alone.

I wince for when that new man is announced as a quick look around any commentary involving Evertonians at the moment sees many entrenching themselves with their preferred candidate and weirdly character assassinating the others. We´ve already had a few too many years of a split fanbase on a number of issues but adding the manager in charge of the team affairs to that wouldn´t be the best of cocktails for the new season. There´s no point wasting electrodes in your head obsessing over it: we´ll find out in due course.

In amongst all of that it´s worth taking a step back and really noting how the replacement of Moyes is going to be a very tough ask. If it was easier then we´d have a more or less universal candidate that most could agree on. I hope that man exists but hasn´t been mentioned – as doubtful as that would seem. As long as they´re not a tit, I can´t be doing with a tit managing Everton.

On the first full empty weekend of the close season the strategists in the club presumably thought it would be a good day for burying bad news. With that bad news being a new badge which looks like something Pro Evolution Soccer would mock up for copyrighting purposes.

The same as whoever the new manager is its appeal will be subjective but a good barometer is the reaction of the majority of the fans. In this case it´s a unanimous clusterf*ck. I haven´t seen many like it, or even many more than that show a passing tolerance to it.

The official site was quick to point out that much consultation has been done with focus groups and corporative partners but does anyone else find that hard to believe?

It´s appropriate that nil satis nisi optimum and the champions laurels are removed as with the current status quo it will be some time before were living up to either. Me-ow. But seriously, what bells have we got making the decisions inside the club if this is the new face of Everton FC around the world?

Back in the moderate world of EF and C Leon Osman has signed a new contract and Darron Gibson thinks that Neville would make a good manager but then again maybe not as he need some experience first. Fellaini and Baines are predictably linked with joining their old boss at Man Utd and the media are waiting anxiously for the first report of a diamond studded drunken footballer groping a girl from Hampshire on their holidays in Ayia Napa.

Oh Everton, sometimes.

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