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Leroy Fer Speaks of Everton Move

Leroy Fer has spoken of his proposed move to Everton, following news this afternoon that Everton agreed an £8.5m fee for the 23-year-old midfielder.

Interview: Leroy Fer over zijn transfer


Fer: “I was surprised about the interest Everton had in me. But it´s always a nice next step to go to the Premier League, for myself, for my qualities. Everton has always been a very nice club to go to, so I´m very pleased they went for me. It all happened a bit earlier than I expected to be honest”.

“I´m a box-to-box player so that fits good in England. They came faster than expected, because I only expected to go in the summer in the earliest.

[reporter asks: With Twente you can go for titles, with Everton that´ll be a bit harder?]

“Yes sure, but it´s still the Premier League and Everton always plays for the European spots. And as I said, nice club”.

[about the transfer price, 10 mil euro]

“Yes, but I didn´t set that, that´s between the two clubs. I don´t feel pressure because of that price tag. But I´m proud that I have that kind of price tag set on me”.

[Reporter asks what Moyes expects of him]

“I haven´t spoken to the trainer yet, but I hope to play”.

[about the purchase of his horse: ´they like jumping horses in England´]

“Yeah, maybe I´ll buy a new one there!”

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