Voice In The Crowd

Time for another chat with a fellow toffee.

This week, I spoke to George Davis before the game against Sunderland. George, 74 and from Garston, has been a blue for as long as he can remember and spoke to me about his Goodison experiences.

You must have seen some great players in your life, but who stands out the most to you?

GD – Well I did like Dave Hickson, and still do but Alan Ball is the standout player in my mind. He really was as good as people say and when we sold him, that was the moment I realised football had turned in to a business.

And what stands out to you about Goodison?

GD – Night matches. People go on about how great the atmosphere is at night and when it´s in full swing, there´s no better place, there really isn´t.

Of our current crop of players, who´s your standout man at the moment?

GD – At this very moment, the Belgian lads, Fellaini and Mirallas. Although I think the team as a whole are just that – a team, and you can´t buy that. I´m impressed by all of them at the moment, and David Moyes.

And after watching Everton all these years, do you have a claim to fame?

GD – Ha, no, never even had my face on telly in the crowd!

So there you go, Grand Old Team´s Voice In The Crowd feature is one fan´s claim to fame! Watch out, I may be speaking to you next time.

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