‘Behind Enemy Lines’ – Fulham

Fulham fan Tony, an Electrician from Roehampton kindly offered his input into this edition of ´Behind Enemy Lines´

1) Hi Tony, Welcome to GrandOldTeam, tell us a bit about yourself.

Hi, thank you for inviting me along. I live in West London and have done all my life. I run my own Electrical firm in the area. I have 3 kids and I am married to the lovely Jill.

2) How did you come to support Fulham?

It’s a strange one; my dad was a football fan but didn’t really support anyone. I come from a very sporting family too, one of my uncles played for London Irish rugby team. I was brought up watching sport every chance I had. One day I decided that I wanted to attend a proper football match. I was 11 and a friend and I went to watch Fulham. I think it was against Leyton Orient in a cup game. I loved it. I went to watch Brentford and QPR a few times, but it was that first game I ever went to at Fulham that made me fall in love with them.

3) You´ve made a promising start, is it good being a Fulham fan at the moment?

It’s great just being in the Premier League. I remember being in 90th position in the Football League and facing bankruptcy, so watching top-level football every week is a blessing for me. The football has been very pleasing. I like to think we pride ourselves on being hard to beat, but play with some flair at Fulham and we have certainly shown that so far.

4) Dimitar Berbatov, for me, is a special player, what are your thoughts?

I still can’t believe he is ours. I’m surprised a Champions League clubs either here or abroad didn’t come in for him. He is a great talent, really intelligent and a joy to watch at times. He has settled in well and getting back to his best form.

5) How do you see this season going for you?

I think we’ll do what we always do and finish in a decent position. Jol has got us playing some great football, but I don’t think we have the consistency to force ourselves into the European spots. If we can get top 8 again I’d be thrilled but I would really like to see us win a domestic cup.

6) Which Fulham players should Everton be worried about?

Berbatov of course, but I’m not sure if he’ll be fit for this. Duff always has a good game against you lot and I’m hoping Brian Luiz can do a similar job to you that he did last time.

7) Are Hugh Grant and Lily Allen really Fulham fans?

Hahaha, Hugh definitely is! He visits the odd game. Lily Allen, well she was about when we reached the final in Europe.

8) I love Craven Cottage, proper ground and great pubs in that area, but talk me through this neutral end business where the away end is…

I think it is an advantage to us actually – you see so many away ends packed out and it helps visiting teams sometimes, but you can never tell at our place. It’s a way of getting more people in the ground and it usually works, I’ve never been in it but I know friends who are Fulham fans who sit there.

9) Now onto Everton, what are your memories of us as a club?

I always remember watching Andy King score against Liverpool and the Policeman getting him and the reporter off the pitch! I remember watching your relegation scares in the 90s too. I really would like to see Everton win something, you have always been a great, historical club and I think teams like Everton deserve to return to some form of glory.

10) Who do you rate as Everton´s dangermen?

I know Fellaini is the obvious one, but you have Pienaar back. He and Baines are wonderful on that left hand side. I noticed Mirallas is picking up some plaudits so we will have to be on our game with you this week!

11) You have a spare £20 in your arse pocket and you have to bet on this match, what is your score prediction and first goalscorer?

I believe we can win, we do have a great record at the Cottage against you, but you are a different animal this season from what I have seen. It’s going to be very tough, but I have £20 you say? Hmmm I’ll go Duff and 2-1 Fulham.

12) And finally, what are your feelings on Pineapple on Pizza?

The missus is always buying it, she loves it, I don’t mind it, but I’m a big fan of just a normal Margarita pizza, nothing special, just original and easy.

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