Behind Enemy Lines: Newcastle

Newcastle fan ´Kev the Geordie´ kindly offered his input into this edition of ´Behind Enemy Lines´

1) Hi Kev, Welcome to GrandOldTeam, tell us a bit about yourself.

Firstly, I just wanted to say a quick thank you for letting me be a part the fans view.

I´d like to think I´m a typical Geordie, work hard and live even harder. Nothing better than going out in the toon on a weekend on the lash, have a laugh with my mates and have a good time. I´m very proud of where I come from and our history as a city and our football club, I don´t want to live anywhere else in the world, this is my paradise!

2) How did you come to support Newcastle?

Coming from a single team city there isn´t the choice that I suppose the Everton and Liverpool fans have but I think as with most families, it´s in the blood and you have the responsibility to support your local team. Our closest rivals (only in geographical terms) would be Sunderland and no one should have the punishment of supporting them, I have family who have turned to the dark side and support them, their no longer family to me. Do Everton and Liverpool fans within the same families have similar rivalries?

3) You´re back in Europe again, you must be pleased?

Yes, over the moon, I´m all booked up for my very first European away day to Brugge, can´t wait! Our group is winnable so as long as we keep our feet on the ground and injuries are kind to us, who knows how far we can go?

4) Happy with the first 3 games?

Yeh reasonably happy, the Spurs win at home was a good performance but I don´t think we played particularly well against Chelsea or Villa so we need to step it up a gear in the coming games otherwise we´ll loose the leading pack.

5) How do you see this season going for you?

We´ve suffered quite a few injuries in recent weeks so it depends upon their recovery times I suppose but I do think we´re going to struggle a bit this season with the additional European games. Thankfully we kept hold of our best players in the summer transfer window but I don´t think we strengthened our squad how we would liked to have done, not getting Mathieu Debuchy from Lille was quite a big blow as I don´t think Danny Simpson will sign a new contract. If we finish in the top half and have a decent run in Europe I would say we´ve had a successful season.

6) Which Newcastle players should Everton be worried about?

I would say Ben Arfa, Ba & Cisse because their all great on the ball and like to attack the opposition, we just need to give Ba & Cisse better service, it´s been rubbish so far this season. Also Tiote, he is like a machine, every team needs a Tiote in it!

7) Let´s be honest, Donna Air is fitter than Cheryl Cole isn´t she?

Haha, not in my opinion, Cheryl all the way for me, bring back the days when she used to work in Baja beach club on the quayside as a bikini clad beach babe selling bottles of beer, ah memories, haha!

8) What´s the deal with making us walk up 64 flights of stairs when we play you away?

Haha sorry about that but at least you get a great view of the city and on a clear day you can see the coast.

9) Now onto Everton, what are your memories of us as a club?

I don´t have to many to be honest, I know you´re always a tough team to play against. A credit to the efforts of David Moyes and his backroom staff who have developed a great team over the years, he´s one of the best managers in the league in my opinion.

10) Who do you rate as Everton´s dangermen?

Fellaini, he´s a great player, great in the air and attacks the opposition well, he´s your best player in my opinion.

11) You have a spare £20 in your arse pocket and you have to bet on this match, what is your score prediction and first goalscorer?

I´ve got to bet on the toon, 2-1 to Newcastle but Fellaini to score first.

12) And finally, what are your feelings on Pineapple on Pizza?

I don´t mind it but you can´t go wrong with a meat feast!

Finally, I hope you have a great season!

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