Voice In The Crowd: Victoria Rimmer

In this instalment of “A Voice in the Crowd, I caught up with theatre worker Victoria Rimmer, 28, who was quite literally “in the crowd” at our recent League Cup match against Leyton Orient.

Lower Gwladys Street match-goer calls her self Miss Five-goals (as she counts among her favourite games 5-1 v Huddersfield, 5-3 v Blackpool, and indeed the match I spoke to her).

How long have you been an Everton Fan?
Victoria Rimmer: I’m only a relatively recent newcomer to football. I started following football to the delight of my dad during the 2008/09 season. Not so much to his delight was my choice of team though, he’s a red!

How did you become an Evertonian?
Victoria Rimmer: My boyfriend has been an Evertonian all his life, so after going to a match with him (the blues of course) I was hooked.

Your favourite game (and why)?
Victoria Rimmer: Obviously with only a few years under my belt, my match memories are limited, but aside from the cup final against Chelsea, I’ll go for 5-3 against Blackpool. No wait, 2-0 against Chelsea at home last season, when Pienaar scored after coming back.

Your favourite current player (and why)?
Victoria Rimmer: Apostolos Vellios, in fact could you call me Mrs Vellios in your article, he’s fit!

Who is the greatest player to have ever played for Everton in your lifetime?
Victoria Rimmer: I think Phil Neville’s a good pro, but I’ll go with Leighton Baines.

….And the worst player?
Victoria Rimmer: From my experience of watching football, Diniyar Bilyaletdinov.

If you could sign any player for Everton in January?
Victoria Rimmer: I’d get Landon Donovan on a permanent deal in January. Like Pienaar, we just seem to play well with him. And he says he’s an Evertonian too.

Since you have been following Everton, what would your best eleven be?
Victoria Rimmer: I’ll do my best, here goes-
GK. Howard
RB. Hibbert
CB. Heitinga
CB. Distin
LB. Baines
RM. Arteta
CM. Fellaini
CM. Naismith
LM. Pienaar
CF. Vellios
CF. Jelavic
SUBS. Martyn, Jagielka, Neville, Neville, Donovan

Q-If you were manager of Everton for the day, what is the first thing you’d do?
Victoria Rimmer: First thing I’d do is get Vellios on his own and, well, you get the idea. My boyfriend may not like it, but………..

Q – Pineapple on Pizza?
Victoria Rimmer: Fruit should not be on pizza!

Watch out, next week it could be your voice in the crowd.

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