Behind Enemy Lines: Aston Villa

This is the first in a series of ´Behind Enemy Lines´ were we ask an opposition fan´s opinion on the upcoming game. First up, as we have Aston Villa on Saturday, is the wonderfully named Paul Rideout.

1) Hi Rides, Welcome to GrandOldTeam, tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Paul Rideout , I´ve just turned 30 and I live in Bournemouth. I have played semi professional football for 13 years and have a massive passion for the game.

2) How did you come to support Aston Villa?

Its a bit of a strange one, as my old man and twin brother both support (dirty) Leeds United. I guess I didn´t want to be ´forced´ into supporting a team and I also didn´t want to opt for a top team to avoid being tagged a glory supporter ! I simply closed my eyes , hovered my finger above the last year of the old 1st division 1991/1992 and selected the mighty Villa ! We then came 2nd in the inaugural Premier league season 92/93 get in!

3) What do you make of new manager Paul Lambert?

I´m genuinely excited by his appointment. It´s a massive boost in comparison with Alex Mcleish, who even before his Birmingham ties, i didn´t rate as a manager. Lambert plays the right way, we´ll have a lot more possession and should see a lot more goals too.

4) What are your expectations for the season?

In Lamberts first year, I can honestly say all I want to see is a more positive, attractive way of playing . It may sound negative but for his opening year I´d take a decent cup run and a top 10 finish.

5) The transfer window is still open, any more business to be done by Lambert?

I am pretty sure he is finished in the market , and I think he has brought well. We have a perfect mix of experience and youth, which is essential. Personally, and i know they are few and far between, I´d like another goal scorer to take the pressure off Darren Bent, and I´d love to see him make a move Michael Owen.

6) Which Villa players should Everton be worried about?

Brett Holman has had a good pre season, he is a tidy , energetic player, but I´d say the obvious danger man would be Bent. Top defenders like Jagielka and Baines can keep him quiet for 89 minutes but you know he can pop up with a goal at any time.

7) Now onto Everton, what memories do you have of Everton as a club?

My immediate thoughts go to Evertons FA Cup Final win in 95´ Vs United. Mostly because of my namesakes winning goal after Graeme Stuarts shot had cannoned off the bar . Also when I think of Everton what springs to mind (all be it on a very large scale) is it is a local, family club which always seems to have a great passion and spirit within the team

8) Who do you rate as Everton´s dangermen?

Firstly I´d say Felaini is the main threat, he seems to be a nuisance wherever Moyes plays him -mainly because of his aerial ability, but he is only a threat due to the quality service he gets , and in Leighton Baines I feel if you can get near him and stop him from playing , then you can reduce the impact Felaini has.

9) You have a spare £20 in your arse pocket and you have to bet on this weekends match, what is your score prediction and first goalscorer?

I´d normally avoid betting on this fixture as it is normally very un-predictable , but as its only a question I´d go for a low scoring game and villa to win 1-0 with Darren Bent to notch!

10) And finally, what are your feelings on Pineapple on Pizza?

Pineapple on pizza is a ruined pizza, and I can live with that, but being a southerner I feel much more strongly with gravy on chips and very happy you didn´t ask that as there would have been plenty of expletives !!

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