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Don’t Forget!

Don´t forget to get involved in our 2012/13 Evertonian prediction league!

So far, 200+ Evertonians have entered their Everton vs Man Utd score prediction – what are you waiting for?

To get involved, Sign in to your GrandOldTeam account (or register), click on ´Prediction League´ (Under the ´The Site´ category on the navigation bar) and simply predict the score of the upcoming Everton games.

We´ve kept the scoring simple. 3 points for a correct score and 1 point for the correct result. An example of the scoring system is below;

Introducing the Everton Mishmash!

3 Points (Correct Score and Result)
Prediction: Everton 2-0 Liverpool
Actual Result: Everton 2-0 Liverpool

1 Point: (Correct Result)
Prediction: Everton 1-0 Liverpool
Actual Result: Everton 2-0 Liverpool

0 Point:
Prediction: Everton 1-1 Liverpool
Actual Result: Everton 2-0 Liverpool

Get stuck in.

Everton Mishmash
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