Rangers Warning

David Moyes has said what has happened at Rangers should serve as a warning to all clubs and fans and used the example to highlight that the way Everton conducted their business is the right way to do things.

Moyes: “I couldn´t tell you all the ins and outs but I am looking at it and thinking isn´t it terrible a club of Rangers´ stature would even be in this position,”

“Sometimes at Everton we get criticised a little bit but you have to say we make sure the club is always functioning and always running and trying to keep its head above water and we have to do that.”

“It is a tragedy for Rangers. I´m from the city myself so I know exactly what it means and it is a terrible situation,”

“But it is situation the players were made aware of and they had to do what they had to do last season.

“Rangers were given the chance to sort out the measures they had to do but the players have to make their decisions — at the moment Rangers are not even sure what league they are going to play in.

“Any player, I would expect, would want to play at the highest level and Steven has executed his right to try to come and play at the highest level and we are delighted to have him.”

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