Moyes Not Happy

David Moyes has admitted to not being happy finishing in seventh or eight position in the table.

Moyes: “If you had given me that at the start of the season I might have said yes as it is close to where we have been in recent years, but I can’t be happy with finishing seventh or eighth because that is no ambition at all.

“Our form since January has certainly picked up and we want to finish off strongly. At the start of the year if you had said you’ll be seventh at this point then I would have probably said ´that is good´. A lot of years that would have given you a real chance of finishing in a European position but unfortunately that will not be the case this season.”

“I always say at the start of the season that I want to win the league – and I do want to win the league.

“If I can’t finish first then I will try and finish second or third or wherever it takes us. As it stands we can finish seventh so that is what we will try and do.”

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