Distin: We’re Not Over-achieving

Sylvain Distin has hit back at persistent media claims that Everton are a club punching above their weight.

Distin: “I have never understood this over-performing tag,”

“That must mean we are supposed to be rubbish. Punching above your weight to me means you are in a place you shouldn´t be because you are not good enough.

“You can punch above your weight maybe for one season, two seasons if you´re lucky, but it seems Everton tend to do it every season.

“The media seem to like to talk about Everton like this. But the truth is we have enough quality at the club.

“I suppose this punching above your weight talk is because of how much money some teams have spent on players, but it´s about how you spend rather than how much you spend.

“We know in every transfer window we are not going to have four, five, six players coming in, but not having a big squad means the team is closer, more together. That´s one of our strengths.”

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