Moyes Advocates Pay Cut

David Moyes reckons everyone in the Premier League should take a 20% pay cut to protect the future of the game.

Moyes: “Perhaps the suggestion would cause some mayhem. People might say it´d be harder to attract players but we have to take responsibility for the long-term health of football.”

“Everyone in the Premier League [should] take a 20% pay cut to put football finances back on an even keel and allow a significant reduction in ticket prices to make football more affordable for the ordinary fan.

“We should be filling all the grounds all the time. Clubs have to control their money properly and only pay what they can actually afford. People have to be held responsible when things go wrong.

“Every family in the country at the moment has to finance correctly. They can´t overspend. Why is football different?

“Football´s been around for 150 years and it has come a long way, but we have to make sure we don´t take it away from its roots. We must not get too far away from people.”

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