"Investment in January"

David Moyes will have money to spend in January has already been looking at possible targets, according to Bill Kenwright.

Kenwright: “We are talking about January and there will not be a lot of money compared to what other clubs are spending on centre forwards, but there will be money – there will be investment in January.”

“We are constantly linked by the media and that is because we are constantly out there and have been for three years. There are normally three or four interested parties and, indeed, there are three or four interested parties at the moment.

“But what you tend to find with interested parties for this kind of deal is that it takes time. The airwaves are very hot and then suddenly nothing happens for a long time because things like proof of funds and due diligence have to take place and we have not even got to that stage yet. You hear on the rumour mill that there are people in Everton doing due diligence but they certainly aren´t.

“But there are people out there at the moment and I hope that will result in real serious investment in the Club because that is what the Club needs. Forget the Chairman – that is what the fan sitting in the Chairman’s seat wants.”

“Everyone has a right to protest if they want to protest.

“There is no bigger Everton fan than me and when I met some of these gentleman I said ‘what do you want, what are you protesting for?”

“And basically they want an owner with much more money than the three major shareholders here and I absolutely support them on that as that is exactly what I want and exactly what I spend most of my life working on.”

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