Capello: Jags Is Fit

England Manager Fabio Capello has dismissed David Moyes concerns regarding Phil Jagielka´s fitness.

Jagielka did look set to be withdrawn from England´s upcoming friendlies with Spain and Sweden following comments from David Moyes claiming the centre half was unable to train since breaking his toe in Everton´s win at Fulham last month and has required injections in order to play domestically since.

Moyes: “We´ve told them he´s playing with an injection in his toe. We´ve relayed it to the England medical team.

“He´s not able to train so if he went with England he couldn´t take part.

“He´s not taking the injection every day, just on game days to play.

“But if England call him up they call him up”

But Fabio Capello insists Jagielka is fit.

Capello: “Before I decide about a player, I always in my career, speak with the doctors,” he said.

“I ask the doctor whether they can play or not. He says he can.

“Then I always speak with the player and ask whether they can play? If they are 100%? Not 90%, but 100%? Are you ready?

“He said yes. He will decide whether he takes an injection. But he trained normally, without one.”

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