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Green Joins The Blues

Everton have completed the signing of a 15-year-old alleged wonderkid named George Green from Bradford City – for a whopping £2,000,000.

For a club as skint as your average person on Jobseekers Allowance, this constitutes a big fee and it´s an indication of the high regard the Everton scouting network must hold Green in.

If your reaction to this signing is to say “Who?” out loud and shake your head, you´re not alone. It´d take a brave Evertonian to say they´d ever heard of this kid. Indeed, it´d take a brave Bradford City fan to say it too!

But with Everton paying around £350,000 up front, rising to £2,000,000 for a young midfielder labelled the next Gascoigne by those around him, it could be a very good bit of business by Everton.

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