Interim Board Calls ‘Laughable’

Robert Elstone has rebuffed critics suggesting Goodison Park officials should move immediately to appoint an interim board of directors to process any potential sale of the Club.

Speaking to, Everton´s Chief Executive branded the proposal as risible.

Elstone: “The board of directors, myself as the CEO and the senior management all have an ongoing responsibility to do what is right by Evertonians. The suggestion of a completely new group of individuals coming in and essentially doing what the current board is doing is risible and completely unnecessary.

“Everton Football Club is for sale, despite accusations to the contrary. This has been the case for three years and it will remain the case until such time as someone is found with the finances capable of ensuring we can compete at the very highest level of the game both at home and in Europe.

“Whilst the Club is for sale, we have also overseen substantial and tangible progress in the last five years both on and off the pitch.

“We have signed record sponsorship deals, and hugely increased our income alongside achieving an average league position of sixth.

“In terms of the number of games played, it has also been the most prolific period of European football in the Club’s history and we have invested in building our best squad of players since the mid-1980’s.”

Mr Elstone has maintained throughout his tenure at the Club that all resources at his disposal have been and will continue to be directed towards manager David Moyes to assist in the building and development of the squad.

He added: “Finances, as they do across the vast majority of football clubs, remain tight and attracting the investment required to deliver the success our supporters deserve remains a difficult task – but it is one the board and the professionals brought in by the Club are fully engaged with.

“We are not where we want to be – we will always want more – but it is now time to pull together in the same direction and not fracture. Everton is at its strongest when we stand together.”

“The job will continue in earnest and we need to get on with that job – the search for new investment and the continued mission to support David Moyes and his ambitions for the team on the pitch.”

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