New Lads Saying The Right Things

The new lads at Goodison Park Denis Stracqualursi and Royston Drenthe have been speaking to the media following their deadline day transfers.

Denis reckons he possesses the natural attributes to be well equipped to the English league, and spoke of his commitment to repay the faith shown in him by the Club.

Stracqualursi: “I think my style will suit England. Players are quite powerful and strong and football is played quite a bit in the air and I am pretty good in the air.

´I had a pretty good season in terms of goalscoring in a team which was fighting to stay alive at the highest level and I have never been one to shy away from targets.

´I´ll be trying to score as many goals as possible to help Everton have as good a campaign as possible.

´I don´t think there is any extra pressure. I am a reasonably confident guy and I see it as a challenge to fight for my place.´

´As a forward I have watched Tevez very closely, I saw the way he went about the task at West Ham and the two Manchester clubs and I would like to think I can copy that model.
´He is an icon at all those clubs. It is all about dying for the shirt, sweating for the club, trying really hard to settle in and being ready physically.

´I have to prove myself to the manager, my team-mates and supporters that I can do it at this level in England.

´I know it is going to be difficult but I want to start repaying the confidence of the manager in bringing me to the club.´

Royston Drenthe spoke of his excitment of arriving at Everton, acknowledging the Club to feel like family.

told “My first impressions are very good. the moment I arrived it was like a family. I feel at home already. The manager is really excited with me and teaching me a lot of things and I´m excited I can be here. It is the greatest place for me to show my qualities because English football can be really important for my future.

“I like the speed of English football, I like the tackles and the hard work. The ambience in the stadium – it feels like wolves are yelling. In Spain it is really different, they don´t yell and shout like England. In the Bernabeu they don´t shout, it is trumpets all the time and it is only Champions League games when they get up and shout.

“When I was a young player in Feyenoord I loved the noise of our fans and I know Liverpool is very like Rotterdam and the fans here are the same. The crowds are crazy and that is really important for a team to have that behind you.

“I hope the fans like me because I like to fight for my team and give everything. I like to go home with paint on me and feeling like I have played a game.

“I had other options but I wanted to come to England. I could have gone to Portugal or Italy but I wanted to come here.

“I want to win a lot of games and if you do that, you can win prizes. I want to be important for the team and even when I don´t play a good game I want to work hard to be important for the team to make sure we win the game.”

“I knew before coming here a lot about the current team but I need to learn a lot about the past. The moment my agent told me I could to Everton it was immediately a feeling of excitement. I wanted it. It is a great challenge and I like that.

“I see the players a lot because I always watch English football. And when Steven Pienaar was here I watched a lot of Everton because he is a good friend of mine. I like the style, the hard-working style of this team. With that style you can win a lot of games.”

“I am looking forward particularly to playing with Timmy Cahill,” he added. “I like his style. But I am looking forward to playing with the whole team and being important for the side.

“I have also played against John (Heitinga) a few times, when I was with Feyenoord and he was with Ajax and then when I was with Real Madrid and he was with Atletico. I think he can remember that game very well! You will have to look on the internet to see what happened in that game. I am looking forward to playing together with him and that is a good thing.”

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