Calm Down, Calm Down

Months after singling out and heralding Ross Barkley as a “really special talent” and “one to keep an eye out for”, David Moyes has called for calm surrounding the young wonderkid.

The Everton manager also admitted that although Everton fans currently have no cause to be excited with other matters – that they should exercise caution in attempting to find some optimism in young Ross.

Moyes: “I think everybody wants to get excited about players,” said the Scot.

“I think Evertonians have not got an awful lot to be excited about at the moment, so Ross gives everybody something to look at and cling onto.

“But I will have to pick and choose him at the right times and I´m sure people will understand.

“It is not just because of his age, it is also because of his lack of football as he is still really coming back from a triple broken leg, which we have to be mindful of.

“He is a boy from the city of Liverpool who people know, a bit like Wayne.

“He is quite quiet off the field and doesn´t say an awful lot, but he comes alive when he is on the field.

“It´s great to see someone with the life and enthusiasm in them that he has.”

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