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Louis Considered Retirement

Louis Saha has revealed he considered retiring from football last season after suffering yet another injury setback.

The striker´s career has been blighted by injury problems and, when his return to the France side after a four-year absence was curtailed by a calf injury in September, the thought crossed his mind that maybe it was time to call it a day.

“Sometimes you feel really unlucky and that it´s not made for you but I´ve got full confidence in myself and my ability so, while I´ve still got the opportunity, I´m enjoying it.

“(Retiring) crossed my mind after my last cap with France when I had a really bad injury. It was really hard to take but now I´ve got older and I think I can cope more with this type of situation.”

“It´s not nice but I´m happy to be playing again. I love the game so much. I love to see my kids be happy when I´m on the pitch and I feel privileged to be a footballer.

“Even if it´s hard, you have to accept it.

“I want to be a better player, I want to score more goals, enjoy it more, get a better relationship with the fans and the club. I think I´ve got so many things to give to football again.

“In my head I feel more confident and more relaxed.”

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The History of Everton Football Club In One Image