The One and Only

Everton are now the only club in the football league not to sign a player this summer, as Tim Cahill declares that low expectations around the side could be beneficial.

Only several promising youngsters have joined the setup at Finch Farm, and the mood around the Evertonian support grows increasing grim as each day passes.

Despite a glaring weakness up front and in wide positions in terms of the first team squad, Everton legend Tim Cahill believes that the side could surprise a few people this campaign.

I´m not putting any expectations on us this season because I think it was a problem last season, we called Europe and called a very high finish,� said Tim.

�Expectations are a big thing � especially when you pile the pressure on yourself. At the moment we have no pressure.

�What�s the point of putting expectations on ourselves if clubs are spending hundreds of millions?

�We�ve got something special here and the main thing is that we try to start on fire and the first game will say a lot about how the season will start.�

Cahills� optimism is not shared by the fanbase, despite the squad being in essence the exact same as the side predicted to finish in a Champions League position at the start of the last campaign. However, poor pre-season performances against Werder Bremen and Villarreal have tempered much of the remaining enthusiasm amongst those who visit Goodison Park each week.

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