"No-one can imagine how hard it is"

Louis Saha has revealed his heartache at his latest injury setback but the Frenchman has high hopes for next season.

Saha: "I always get an injury when I´ve started to build a bit of momentum, at the time the pain was immense so, believe me, I was thinking about doing the right things to be back on the pitch one day.

"No-one can imagine how hard it is, if you ask my missus she will tell you straight away that it is difficult for me to watch. But that´s the job, I would prefer to play at my best, it´s painful and frustrating but I will deal with it."

"I can´t join in with training but I´m happy to start my rehabilitation.

"I´ve been on crutches for quite a while now, but I´m pleased to be around the boys again and I´ve seen that they´ve been doing very well. I think the squad here have done pretty well without me, so we need to make sure that we make a better start (next season) with everyone fit and well."

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