"It was a brilliant comeback"

Sylvain Distin has praised the ´perfect´ comeback after a brilliant second half setback secured a 2-1 win over Manchester City in a fiercely-contested fixture at Goodison Park.

"It was a brilliant comeback. It was tough in the first half – we didn´t play well, we didn´t have a lot of opportunities to pass the ball forward and, I don´t know, it was a strange game.

“The second half was completely different. The guys up front worked really hard and that made it easier for us at the back. You want to get the ball high up the pitch where you can be more dangerous. That´s what happened in the second half and we ended up winning. It was perfect."

"I don´t score often, so when I do it´s good that they come in good games," he said. "To score in the derby and now against City is great.

"In the first half I made a little mistake which cost us a goal. At the moment, it seems every little mistake I do ends up costing us, so I was so happy to score that goal."

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