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Jags Urges Rodwell Patience

Phil Jagielka has hailed Jack Rodwells potential as ´frightening´ but reckons it is too early to judge his young team-mate.

Jags: "Obviously it´s nice to see Jack back and, hopefully, he will stay fit for the last four or five games," said the Everton centre-half.

"It´s hard to say how good he will be, because although he´s been in and around the first team for three years, he needs to play 30 or 40 games a season before we can answer it.

"The potential he´s got is frightening and we have no doubts he will be that good. But you can´t rate him as highly as you´d like until he´s played a whole season. He knows that as well.

"He was desperate to play more this season, but had a few injuries, maybe came back a bit early, and it´s all about form.

"You can have it for one or two games, but you need it for five to ten.

"We probably do miss him in midfield when he´s not there because you can see he´s so comfortable on the ball, running with it and with the range of passing he brings to the team.

"So the answer to how good he is, is that yes, he´s good, but as to how good he will be only time will tell."

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