Moyes Issues Cahill Warning

David Moyes has told Tim Cahill to ´look after himself´ and warned the Australian that his club selection will be in doubt if he persists with friendly international commitments.

Moyes: "He needs to look after himself. Tim is too big a name in Australia not to play for them at all, I want him to keep playing for them.

"But he maybe needs to consider if he should miss playing in the majority of the friendlies for his country.

"I would never tell someone not to play for their national team. But if they played in all the games, it would affect their selection for their club."

Moyes added: "I don´t want him to stop playing for Australia. But having gone to the World Cup last year and then played in the Asian Cup, it´s probably been too much for him."

Cahill has had a whimpering end to his season following his return from the Asian Cup, and despite staunchly defending his decision to represent Australia, the 31-year-old has admitted he will need to take his first summer break in seven years, citing a foot injury he picked up on his last outing with Austalia.

Cahill: "Everyone knows me already – if I´m fit then I´m there. End of (story),´ I never say no to my country. It´s one of those questions that I get asked every year, after every Australia game. It´s simple – if I´m fit then I´m there, if I´m selected then I´m there.

"But if I´m selected then I´ll 100% be there.´

Australian football officials were hopeful Tim could play in friendly fixtures against Serbia and possibly New Zealand in June, but Cahill has intimated he will take no part in the fixtures.

"I´ve played seven years (with) no rest in the summer, probably more. I wouldn´t change it for the world. I´ve got a foot problem but I´m buzzing. I love football and I love playing for my country.

"But also I think common sense has to prevail. I missed the Germany game and I´ll probably miss the next couple of games because they´re friendlies.

"For me, when it´s competition and it´s something where I´m going to win something or get something out of it, then I´ll be back playing.

"But at the moment now my main focal point is the Premier League and obviously doing well for my club.´

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