GrandOldTeam´s very own brilliantly talented 17-year-old Helen Davies has launched her own website to showcase her Everton drawings.

Helen Davies, who recently took part it our "Voice In The Crowd" feature, commented in our forums;

"As most of you know, I´ve been drawing Everton players over the past year and putting the drawing videos on Youtube, and after some debate I´ve decided to try to sell some of my drawings – they´ll just gather dust otherwise!

So, I now have a website about my artwork/drawings where most of them are for sale;

I´ll also do commissions.

If you´re interested you can either visit my site or email me at for information about prices and commissions.

Prices for the drawings will vary depending on size and detail, but hopefully they´re decent prices.

Also, a massive thanks to everyone on here who´s liked my drawings and given me a little bit more confidence, I really appreciate it. I´m still trying constantly to improve and produce new work that you´ll hopefully like.

Here´s some of my latest drawings which aren´t all listed on my site yet:

My Website:
My Email:
My Youtube:"

Also, if you have suggestions on who I should draw – let me know!"

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