Le Coq Unveil See Through Everton Kit

Everton kit designers Le Coq Sportif have unveiled the Everton away kit for the 2011/12 season, which sports a see through, skin tight mesh design.

Using state of the art materials, the kit will be amber, which switches to pink from certain angles depending on how bright the sun is. It is fully transparent and will allow the fans to view footballers "in a whole new way".

The design is the concept of Frenchman Ouatta Pistak, who claims that the material allows air flow to be at an optimum to ensure athletes do not become overheated during their onfield exertions.

"This is a fantastic partnership for Everton FC, and Le Coq have proven once again that their range of sportswear is revolutionary." said an Everton spokesman. "We are sure that this will become a top seller at the club store.

"For a long time, fans have wanted to see what Tony Hibbert´s torso looks like – especially our legion of female fans – and how they have the chance!"

Update: April Fools!

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