New Forum Moderators

We´re pleased to announce three new moderators to our forums;

Guido ( Dutch Toffee ), David ( Basil Fawlty ) and William ( Muggins ).

GrandOldTeam began its journey on the 5th February 2007 with the intention of providing a ´sound´ forum, a user-friendly place which would allow Evertonians from across the world to log on to and discuss the Toffees – and anything else for that matter!

While the aim was never to become the biggest Everton community on the net, we always took great pride in the friendly atmosphere unique to GrandOldTeam and our priority has always remained the same – to provide the very best place on the web for fans worldwide to congregate to discuss Everton Football Club. GrandOldTeam prides itself on offering Everton fans a place for intelligent and respectful debate about the issues that matter to them and we´re convinced the appointment of Guido, David and William can only serve to strengthen our community.

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