In With The Enemy (Liverpool)

Coinciding with our new website, we’ll be introducing a regular ‘in with the enemy’ feature, and where more fitting to start than with our biggest enemy?

This week Brynjar Aamodt has kindly volunteered to be our Spy’s interviewee. Brynjar is a devout Red and has supported our neighbours since 2005.

GOT: Welcome to GrandOldTeam, can you start by telling us a little about your self (name, age, occupation, other interesting bits)

Brynjar: My names Brynjar Aamodt. I’m 24, from Ålesund, Norway and I work at the Jugendstilsenteret, the Centre of Art.

GOT: One question we ask all our interviewees is how they came to support their club. So how did you land up choosing Liverpool?

Brynjar: I’ve had a soft spell for Liverpool since we transacted John Arne Riise I think in 2001. He established his playing career at team AaFK Aalesunds Fotballklubb. This is where I live. Liverpool became my forever life long team some time after when we became the best in the world 2005 and I am now a I go all the games because I never let the boys walk alone.

GOT: With half of the season gone what are your expectations for Liverpool?

Brynjar: Anything is possible. King Kenny can take us to the very top where Liverpool Football Club deserve to be and we can win Europe again and domestic cups. I have a flag for Sunday. It says “king ken back where he belongs” look for it.

GOT: Do you still think the league title is attainable?

Brynjar: Maybe so. Its been a silly season. I think there would have been a better chance if we got Rafa back. Anfield is his home. We need him back. My son thinks so. This season champions league would be good. next year we can be league champions. So not this year.

GOT: Who has been your stand out player this season?

Brynjar: Difficult. We have not been so good. I think Škrtel has been our number one performer. He is mean and frightens the attack. Torres should be the best player but he is sad because he plays with ngog.

GOT: The transfer window is now open. Are there funds to spend and where does that investment need to go?

Brynjar: yes lots. We have new owners did you not hear. If they read this they should transact Didrik Fløtre. Hes big and scores. He plays for Aalesund. They are my near by team. He would put heart back in our team and wouldn’t cost a lot. Rafa would sign him because he knows a good player when he sees one but i dont know why he sold riise. I think its because he scored own goal in semi final.

GOT: What are your general thoughts on Everton?

Brynjar: Not so good. I was glad Everton never transacted Knut Olav Rondaroy because then I would have had to have soft spot which i dont want to have for rivals in Blue. Rivals should burn.

GOT: And finally, you are sitting in the bookies with your last £20 – what result are you going to stick your money on?


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