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Pienaar Exit Confirmed

David Moyes has confirmed the Club have accepted an offer for Steven Pienaar.

Moyes: “We have had two offers and one of those offers has been accepted.

“We have allowed his representatives to speak to the other club, but whether it goes through or not I don’t know yet.”

When asked if Pienaar had decided he wanted to move on, Moyes said: “I think the player probably decided that when he turned down his contract six months or a year ago, whenever it was.

“But he has done very well for us on the pitch, so we have no complaints.”

Reaction from Fans in our forum;

Sharpys Top Lip: “Not normally bothered when players leave. But im really gutted he’s on his way. Always knew this day would come, but there was alway hope…..”

Warzycha’s Caterpillar: “He’s put the shifts in even though he’s been leaving for a while, we haven’t lost out a huge amount on him so good luck to him. I honestly feel he will struggle to hold a regular place as most teams above us, but I wish him the nest as he’s been a decent servant.

If we get £3m i will be more than happy with the outcome given the other options. Good luck Stevie P and thanks for some good memories”

Steven: “Yeah will miss stevie P…

In all honestly i think the squad needed a ‘freshen up’ which is why i dont mind seeing the yak leaving (with the hope of a decent replacemnt), although pienaar wouldnt been top of the list of those i wished to see leave.

I guess its time for bily to step up now…”

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