Why is it always a big No to Moyes


Mascoteer; Life's been good to me so far...
Why does everyone seem to hate Moyes or the idea of him ever being the manager again. The only thing I ever seem to hear is because he never won anything when he was here but do we forget what he did with us without money.
I just watch us the past so many season and I think he couldn't of done any worse than we have been. Am not saying bring him back just asking the question.
Because you never go back...plus he's being viewed through blue tinted nostalgia lenses set in W. Ham frames.


Yes, I know that's not how to spell Allan
I don't think it's ever good to go back somewhere again
This is ultimately it for me. I'm no longer bothered by the way he treated us the summer he left. He was brought low enough after that for me to feel he learnt his lesson.

But you shouldn't go back.

He's no Howard Kendall, and neither was Howard Kendall in his subsequent spells.


Player Valuation: £8m
Am not saying I want him back but I think we need a manager like him and some big changes from the top. The point about what he did to us isn't that what all manager do they move on and take their best players with them
Would love to see Moyes back, tie moshiri up but take his wallet, bin Brands and obviously wafa. Not sure why people say going back never works because, although It didnt for Howard (obviously other circumstances at play then for the great man) but returning worked for Moyes at west ham and it worked with Zidane, Capello, Redknapp and Mourinho all returning, Im sure theres many, many others too. Unless we're only allowed to forgive Kopites their past - Id Love to see Moyes back.


Player Valuation: £70m
Everton and Moyes should have parted ways as soon as we lost in the semi final to Liverpool.

Every remembers the good times, but never remembers the bad times. I’ll always be grateful for his work at turning us round… but we stagnated, and it should have came to an amicable ending.

What separates a good manager from a great manager. Is their ability to turn the screw and be successful. In his 11 years here, he made one final and bottled a lot, which will always be his legacy.

11 years, no wins away at a bigger side.

He saved Kenwright and he knows it, and subsequently I just think he got complacent.

Won’t forget the classless manner in which he acted post Everton either and the knowledge that he’d probably do it again, given the chance.

We need someone similar to Moyes, but with more cutting edge and hunger to win.

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