What the hell is happening!!!!!!

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Player Valuation: £15m
Whats happening is we are actually moving quickly to get players in as everyone wanted....or so I thought. It appears that we are spending too much money on crap players according to the drama queens. We don't spend money and its wrong we do spend money and its still wrong. The experts are coming out of the woodwork stating that walsh and koeman must have it wrong because the players are crap apparently, and we are only spending the money we will get from Lukaku and have a minimal net spend. A lot of people predicted it was going to be an exciting summer with players coming and going but some just can't be happy and preach to anyone who will listen why we are wasting money on so called crap players. I suppose that what happens when things start to look good we need someone to tell us its not good and dampen any enthiusiasm we have for the club.

Anyways rant over and I am loving what is happening and believe the mistakes of last summer have been a lesson well heeded. Whoever we bring in will have my full support and I will not dissect every minute they play for us and pounce on a misplaced pass.


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Pickford 25m with deals taking it up to 30, some of which will probably be appearance based. So if we end up paying 30 for him, I think we will be saying he will have been a success.


Player Valuation: £70m
If we carry on at this rate, our transfer business will be done before the window opens. What will we talk about?
I may have to spend time with the family, or tidy my sock draw or something.
The big question is. What will Davek & the bedwetters do?
Because Mosh is a fraud, Koeman doentknow what he's doing, Kenwright and Elstone should be shown the door, Walsh wouldn't know a good player, the new stadium is a
pipe dream , and the net spend is a problem, worrying times.

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