What has been your lowest point supporting Everton?


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Losing Rooney and the 5 nil at Goodison against the RS!
Yep, the current situation is truly horrible and a nightmare that gets worse every day, but when I heard Rooney had scored a hat-trick on his debut for United I nearly threw up, it hit me that hard. Last season nearly tipped me over the edge, so I am doing my best to detach myself now, but it is proving impossible


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That’s when the full realisation kicks in. After that it gets more positive as your team starts winning for a change.

But we’ve flushed the turd and got Dyche in. He will tune it around now I have no doubt. Dogs of war, hard to beat. I’m confident we escape now

Wouldn't bet on that to be honest

This squad could easily go down again, especially if they sack Dyche


Tekken 2? Completed it mate
Benitez was levels below that. Will forever be a giant skidmark on the club's history. Sam's only a gravy stain.

Benitez really was the turning point

Losing Ancelotti was a gut punch but we could have lingered around mid-table if we'd made the right appointment straight after

Instead we went with Benitez and after he was done we were pretty much unsalvageable

He always said we were a small club and thanks to his horrific management he's left us as one

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It's neither here nor there now, but i honestly think we'd still be a boring mid table team now if we didn't hire Benitez. That was a dark day for this club.

We picked the worst man possible as Ancelottis successor. I just think there was a curse placed on this club when we hired that man.

Until relegation happens the appointment of Rafael Benitez as our manager, is very much my lowest moment supporting this club.


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The defeat at Burnley last year was hard to take. Half time vs Palace... The whole general feel about the club at the moment. Theres my top 3. Take your pick on the order, they're all awful.

Saddest part is they're all recent memory.

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