What has been your lowest point supporting Everton?


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Here’s a cheerful thread for a Thursday evening. My personal top 3 is:

1. The 4-1 derby defeat under Benitez last season when they all sang his name

2. The 5-2 defeat at home to Watford under Benitez last season when Josh King scored a hat trick

3. The day Benitez was appointed Everton manager
Bit of a theme there lol First by the way


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Top 3.

1. Brentford game last season as I flew from Dublin early in the morning, drank all day, and had the most depressing flight home ever.
2. Burnley away last season. Really felt like we were gone.
3. 5-2 Watford

Saint Domingo

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Too many to chose from:

Jagielka Arteta Yakubu Anichebe all doing their ligaments in the same season just as we were peaking as a team under Moyes

The fiorentina penalty shoot out then watching a bang average rangers team put them out and lose to a team we’d already beaten in the final

That stupid Origi goal

Allan getting sent off v Newcastle, I genuinely thought we were getting relegated

When the Villareal ball came out the hat and Collina disallowed that goal

Also selling Yakubu Arteta Saha and bringing in Drenthe and Stracqualursi on loan just confirming that we were absolutely flat broke

Cameron Manning

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I was gonna put the 2-1 defeat to bottom of the table Norwich to drag us into a relegation battle under Benitez in there, but then I remembered Benitez was sacked that day so it wasn’t that low really.
If the truth was known, plans to get rid of Benitez were being made on the Thursday before that game.

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