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Blue Roo

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I have gone for Gana because his first half performance was tremendous. 2nd half he tried but with varying results. Not one player turned up for the 2nd half
That's because Marco abandoned his first half strategy by playing Gana in a different role.


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Just got back from the game, and my take on it, we were absolutely cack, 2 piss poor teams playing out an even first half, we had a couple of headers that we should have done better with. Second half they were the better team (more because we were awful) Lewin should have done better with a header, Tosun missed a sitter (even though it was flagged for offside he should have buried it)

The groans around me when it was realised Sigurdsson was playing out on the left were in full flow. There were a couple of good touches from Sigurdsson, but once again he was poor (along with most of the others) it's baffling the way Silva seemed like he felt the need to start Sigurdsson today considering we've got a natural wide left player in Bernard, who actually did okay against Man City.

To make matters worse Zouma becomes a massive tit and gets himself a red card (second yellow) for getting in the refs face after the final whistle.

Deulofeu showing once again why he was a fans favourite and the respect he still has for us (God wish we still had him) by coming over at the end and applauding the away end.

We're gash, and now yer gonna believe it......….!
Well done for going mate.


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Watford were pretty poor. Still, I never felt like would win today though. I've felt like that a lot recently, and do so about most of our upcoming fixtures. Something needs to drastically change.

It's a real struggle to vote for a MOTM. I'll go with Kenny.


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I miss the black cat. At least it gave us some much needed entertainment in the last home game.
Can we please always have the cat as an option to vote for whenever we have games like this, where no one in particular stands out, (even if he does not appear).
Because I tell you, if the cat had come on in this rubbish game, he would have got my vote!

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